Hi! My name is Nicholas and I am 6-years-old. 


I started making planes during the Coronavirus. My mom told me to create a business and so I started making craft planes.


I really like art and creating things, so after I made a few planes, I thought: Oh, my business should be selling craft planes!


I realized that my planes were cool after my little brother wanted one of his own.


I like planes because they fly and let you travel. I love traveling because I enjoy exploring different places.


I am selling different colored planes. You can also get a pack of all the materials to make one yourself. My planes have a special clip-holder that can hold anything you want- even a picture!


A portion of every sale goes to the Triple Heart Foundation. My mom's friend runs this beautiful organization that gives books to NICUs all around the country.


I care about the NICU because it helps babies get born and keep them healthy. I was in the NICU, too! I was born early and am so thankful to the NICU because they helped me a lot.


My planes aren't for teeny tiny babies because they can break. They're for kids to play with gently or you can put them on your shelf.


It makes me feel happy to own my own business. Thank you so much for supporting me!


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